Friday, August 31, 2007

August: A Month in Review

1. I'm late, which is only mildly distressing/a great way to start the month

2. When in doubt, always listen to Motown

3. Seriously why?

4. It seems that AOL has taken to crafting their very own Burn Book, though it's not so much funny, as sad.

5. IKEA catalogue!!!

6. There goes my promising skating career.

7. Decisions,decisions.

8. It feels like I'm always waiting for the other shoe to fall

9. The Hills/Laguna are back on, though the latter has been reincarnated and now resides in Newport Harbour - less than ideal, but I'll still watch it

10. New bed, or new phone, or new computer. I can't decide which one I want first

11. New Holts lookbook, which means now I want a Fendi clutch/a Burberry bag but that will never happen, as I don't really feel like teetering on the edge of fiscal irresponsibility.

12. Sick! - Britney's latest single

13. I can't decide. That is all, it's been a long and harried month and I'm glad to see it end.

[I] Spit Hot Fire (Quotables)

"I said she's a [prostitute] now"
"Oh I heard you, I just don't get it"

"Breakfast, lunch and dinner all rolled into one!"
"Actually, I'm pretty sure brunch simply encompasses the breakfast and the lunch part..."


S* said...

That teen AOL link is just tacky tacky tacky. And mean. Who do they think they are? And this is the influence they want to have on teenagers? Yeesh?

Nikki Hilton has big lips and Mariah Carey is ugly just because she had a nervous breakdown? What?!

stephanie said...

...I heard Britney's single on Perez Hilton.

I don't know. I feel like if we all like it then we're all just enabling her. But I sort of like it. It's very in right now. Damn it.

I vote for the new computer.

team gingerbread said...

s* - Yeah I know, lame.

stephanie - I was on team computer but I founds out the mattress I want is on sale, so I might switch to team bed. My computer won't go on sale until the release an improved macbook, so I can wait on it a little but I'd like a new on by Christmas at the latest...

Sarah84vn said...

i'm just acrossing ur blog, hoping ur are doing well, nice weekend!