Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Are You Sure?

Cashier at pseudo high-end store: Have you shopped here before?
Team Gingerbread: Nope.
Cashier: Like, never?
Team Gingerbread: Never.
Cashier: Not even in another city?
Team Gingerbread: Never, not even in another city...
Cashier: hmm

Apparently buying shirts now requires the third degree/full-disclosure.

I don't know why exactly I felt the need to buy two new shirts since I definitely don't have anywhere to wear them in the next little while.

I'm dead tired but I had to take the time to do laundry because I was down to my uncomfortable underwear and my undesirable socks (meaning that I had approximately 14 days before I had to either buy new underwear or resort to doing laundry). While waiting for the dryer cycle to complete itself, I accepted a call from the Pansy who didn't really have anything to say other than some inane tidbit about her life with her adopted dog (she's pet-sitting). I extricated myself from the conversation after a few minutes because she was yelling (or using her normal volume but I just couldn't handle it because it's latish at night).

I have this thing where I loathe talking to people who talk at you and have a really loud phone voice. I've never really understood the point of being a loud-talker - haven't you ever heard of an inside voice?

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Heather said...

Have you ever gone to a "Bath and Body Works"? They are always like that. I feel like it's sharks circling the blood when I go in there.
I hate it!

enjoy your week babe!