Monday, July 16, 2007

The Writings on the Shag Upholstery

I don't know why I'd never seen an episode of The Transformers in my life other than the fact that I led a very sheltered childhood. I honestly believed my parents when they told me that there only existed 13 channels up until about sixth grade and I felt like a tool when I found out otherwise via a classmate.

I ended up going to see the Transformers movie after work and while it was better than expected, it wasn't the best movie either. The action sequences were fantastic, the acting - not so much. The weakest element of the movie, in my opinion, was the actors - well that and the capoiera-inspired fight sequences between the transformers.

We got out of the movie past 1 am and had to take a cab home. We were halfway there when we both realized that the cab we had elected to take was sporting shag seat coverings, both front and back. We shared a brief snicker and continued home in near silence - lethargy taking over.

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