Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bathroom Philosophers

I went out to dinner with an old friend from my residence hall days because it was her birthday. The cast of characters were varied as we represented all the varying stages of her life. I was in a pretty good mood after spending the better part of the day with The Engineer who came up to visit me after a pseudo-sober plea the other night (perhaps more on that later?). I felt the need to expound on my bathroom hygiene standards much to the chagrin of the bathroom's other occupants, but it had to be said - and who doesn't love a captive audience?

I also got my new watch today, but no belt mysteriously enough (back-ordered?). I'm still really not quite sure how I feel about the watch, ask me in a week I guess, because it's definitely not what I expected- though I had steeled myself for disappointment.

As expected, The Engineer and I got into bit of a tiff, but who didn't see that coming. We're still good and he was really just telling me stuff I already knew but it still hurts to hear it vocalized.

We parted ways after dinner (as planned, and not because of a disagreement), my friends and I went to a cafe after not being able to get a seat on the patio at O'Byrnes, he went off to meet up with some of his friends for a pint. We eventually reconvened downtown and stopped off at the grocery store before a hugely romantic grope session in the park (always with classy) that may have resulted in my phone making contact with the cement (ouch) and home we went.

We came home to discover that my roomie had gone on one of her furniture reorganizing jaunts once again and reacquainted ourselves with the apartment in the dark while fumbling for the light switch. I ditched him to blog and he tensely sat on the couch opposite my roommate who was nodding off while watching a movie (they don't get along because she apparently can't deal with asshoel guys who aren't her boyfriend).

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Monique said...

Ah, the classy outdoor make-out sessions ... haven't done that in a while. I'm due ...