Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Red Bull - Because Crack Is For Poors*

My mouth feels like an ashtray and I'm eating a stale chocolate-glazed doughnut while chugging Red Bull (free courtesy of Mr. Hollywood and the promo girls)) and shopping for watches (VIP deal).

Me and The Pansy bar hopped last night with the movie people, turns out they are good for one thing (free drinks) and a good time. We started on Whyte Ave made our way to a couple of bars on the strip before making our way to Jasper Ave (bad idea) to an old man bar on open-mike night. Terrible dancing (not by us) ensued and even worse singer were lauded.

5 pints later, and it felt like a late night even though I was home by about 2:30 after meandering though the streets downtown on a rather scenic way home.

* I really just felt the need to use the word 'poors' because I saw it being used on Gawker and you know, that's kinda like my bible and shit.

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