Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fortune Cookies and Other Things I Don't Really Believe In

I got food delivered on Sunday and didn't really get around to eating the included fortune cookies until sometime Tuesday when they had gotten to the point where they were so stale that they were almost fresh again (they had been sitting on the kitchen counter next to an open window in direct sunlight, when it wasn't pouring out).

I cracked one open for a mid-morning snack (read: hungover breakfast) with my tea and Red Bull chaseronly to find no fortune strip inside - strange because I always seem to get the cookies with 2 or more strips inside, always picking the better fortune, naturally.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I had a nagging sense that this was actually bad luck, but that could also be a figment of my wild imagination.

I proceeded to cookie number two, and again, no fortune. "This doesn't bode well," I muttered absentmindedly to myself as I scarfed down the cookie.

Third time's the charm I said as I gingerly snapped my third, and final, cookie in half. Success! A fortune: "You have firm convictions - stand strong behind them".

Hear that kids? That roughly translates to 'many more unsolicited opinions coming right up!'

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