Thursday, June 07, 2007

Make it Chemical, Chemical

So the carpets in my apartment building proper are being replaced (great, because the old carpets were beyond haggard) except now it smells like weed in the hallways all the time instead of just on Friday/Saturday - lovely.

I finally activated the BlackBerry service on my phone. I had called earlier in the week to choose a data plan aka. almost doubling my phone bill each month under the guise of productivity only to have it fail to register. I got around to calling into customer service yesterday only to find out that the newbie who was setting up my account didn't do it correctly and that's why my phone wasn't responding properly - super.

Then I had to work an unplanned double at work to cover someone's shift, except I had chosen to wear the most uncomfortable shoes I own (which have yet to be broken in, unfortunately) so it felt like the longest shift of my life.

Fast-forward to the end of the night, which came a lot quicker than usual thanks to an unexpected surge in customers who actually bought something (!!!) and I had a manager's meeting to get to in record time.

We had a couple of drinks at a bar afterwards but everyone bailed pretty early after a long day.

Another manager dropped me off and I walked scurried through the alley only to be accosted by this douche who implored me to 'smile and hold my head high', ew.

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Heather said...

i know exactly what you are talking about with the double shifts. why does that ALWAYS happen to me too?
enjoy your weekend babe.