Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Candy Hangover

I have a friend who is currently employed at a job that she hates (and is subsequently leaving soon for greener pastures) so she hooked us both up (myself and The Bar Star) with about 2 lbs of free bulk candy yesterday which I proceeded to eat with such zeal that you'd think I'd never seen candy in my life.

I was definitely wired, so I picked up my board and rode to The Pansy's to catch the season finale of The Real World: Denver to catch the pious ramblings of Steven who is apparently unfamiliar with the old adage 'people who live in glass houses...'* - or maybe that just doesn't apply to the self-righteous?

On a completely unrelated note, today is day 3 or 4 of ominous looking clouds precluding me from skating. Dear Edmonton weather: Make up your mind!

*For those out of the loop, Steven blasted Davis for having sex outside of his relationship at home, then what seemed like hours later he was fooling around with Jennifer (both Steven and Jennifer have had trouble keeping their lips/hands/other appendages to themselves all season).

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