Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Long Weekend Dinner Party

It was supposed to just be an excuse to longboard home from The Pansy's place but garlic bread was mentioned and suddenly everyone was in. We made a trip to the grocery store and the liquor store and then unwound for a bit by watching the trashiest tv on television.

My friend A. from residence called and we hastily made plans to include her as she was only in town for the day. The Archaeologist came by after band practice and AirQuote and her boyfriend stopped by after they were finished canoodling.

The food was amazing and no one got terribly drunk but we called it an early night anyways because most of them had to work rather early in the morning.

I left shortly after they started watching Borat as I had no desire to see it again, especially not after having to hear The Gentle Giant quote it incessantly for upwards of 3 months - that and I really wanted to longboard home, so much so that I abstained from getting drunk so that I actually make it home in one piece.


Eric said...

Borat is a movie I decided to close myself off to the second i heard about it.

I know nothing about, wish to and never will.

Sides I already saw it in the 80s it was called Yakov Smironoff.

Anonymous said...

i love dinner parties like that.
impromptu & so much fun.
those are the ones you remember,right?