Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Drunk Bunch

I was relating to some friends how I've recently become celibate because The Engineer is moving to Toronto, and as such I've decided to go off the pill because I don't really have any desire to be liasing with anyone else just yet. I described myself as being borderline asexual and somehow the topic of 'sex for one' came up, which I quickly nixed because at any given time of day I can almost always count on some drunken outburst from the hobos who live in the alley behind my apartment and it's really hard to, you know, get in the mood when people are hurling insults at each other at the loudest possible volume underneath your window - unless you're into that, to each their own I suppose.

Why do they frequent my alley you ask, well because it's within walking stumbling distance from not one, nor two, but three liquor stores - super rad!

Ed. It seems that the drunken hobos have since consumed all of their alcohol and are now passed out, only waking up briefly to vomit and wrestle?

Very nice. The air is filled with the sweet sounds of retching.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha.
you poor thing!

Happily Anonymous said...

Who says you can't find culture in an alley? While the rest of us have to listen to birds chirping in the morning look what you get.


TOM said...

Talk about a room with a view, view of the spew maybe...yuck!

Logical Philosopher said...

"The Engineer"

Now things make sense....