Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Big Day Out In

I'm not even going to front like I had any grand plans for today other than waiting for my new shoes to be delivered by my mail delivery person but I did venture out briefly to throw out the trash (I'm still leading that glamorous life, what can I say?) only to be accosted by several rather angry wasps.

Word on the street (aka. my keen anthropology-degree having observational skills) is that there's a huge wasp/hornet/other striped bee-like creature's nest outside my apartment buildings main doors - superb!

I'm no scared of them per se, but I do have an aversion to being stung because the last time I was stung by one of their striped brethren, my arm swelled up to twice it's normal size and prevented me from doing such things as: putting on long-sleeved shirts and rolling up my sleeves in general for the better part of two weeks.

Looks like I'm taking the long way out now.


riese said...

the same thing happens to me. but i haven't gotten a bee sting in ages. once i got three in one summer. one of them: i sat on a bee on the schoolbus. 4th grade. it sucked.


Haha, I thought you meant WASP, as in White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

I stepped barefoot on a bee once. It was tres lame.

Eric said...

I get wasps under my deck all the time. I let them bee (hahahaioasdfoijasdoifjaodfjaodfi) for the time being.

One day they stung Niki.


I didn't even have spray. I just went out with a nozzle hose and drowned them out of the sky. It was a valant time.

Don't sting my dogs.

Think I posted about that, can't recall.

team gingerbread said...

riese - I've been avoiding potential confrontations for awhile now but eventually my luck will run out. Stinging creatures seem to love me...

missanthrope - a gaggle of WASPs would have been much more comical, though I would have been concerned that they were lost if they were congregating outside my apartment what with the recent rash of drunk hobos at 2 pm

eric - lol, I can just picture it, though in my mind you're wearing a beekeepers outfit

Eric said...

really? cause as horribly mascualine and macho as it sounds, I was shirtless in shorts and barefoot

I heard the yip from niki and just tore out of whatever/wherever.