Friday, April 13, 2007

Hennes & Mauritz

The much-anticipated H&M finally opened on Thursday, meaning that our store, and presumably the rest of the mall, was crazy dead.

I can't handle huge crowds like that (especially if it's stupid pseudo-hipsters fighting over a $7 tank top - I wish I was kidding about this apparently hangers were flying everywhere and lines for fitting rooms were at least 30 minutes long), so I think I'll just hold off until next week or the week after.

I shouldn't be shopping now anyways since I just special-ordered a ton of stuff from work and my 'to buy' pile in the back room is growing as we speak.


M said...

If it weren't for H&M, I'd be walking around unfashionably nekkid and that's not a good thing! I wish they did internet orders. Love love love them but I go to a secret H&M here in Jersey because people (*cough* women) seem to go nuts when they walk into an H&M.

Charm School Reject said...

I'm really not that impressed with what I see in the H&M stores here though they seem to always have cute stuff in the magazines.

Maybe I'm not trendy enough.


That's probably it.

team gingerbread said...

Yeah, my visit was less that exciting. It's somewhere I'd go if I made last-minute plans to go out and I was at work and had nothing to wear, so I went shopping on my break.

It's cute, but you end up looking like an idiot if that's all you wear. It's definitely best in small doses and paired with something from another store...