Thursday, April 12, 2007

Awkward Moment of the Week

This girl I went to high school with sent me a message on Facebook regarding our relationship in high school

My possible responses:

1. Did I? I honestly can't remember because that was six years ago!

2. Uh, you were weird - but seriously it's cool. Water under the bridge

3. Not just weird, but awkward too

4. Uh (runs away from computer and ignores message)

5. Well, you kinda were but not in a bad way - I don't think anyone could ever forget you. Besides, I'm kind of a jerk store a lot of the time so it's no biggie.

I think I'm going to say #5...


M said...

I just joined facebook myself at the request of my daughter (who totally denies it now).

Go for "runs away from computer", works for me every time.

team gingerbread said...

Good to know, I'm totally going to lurk on you now...

Charm School Reject said...

Tell her she reminded you of Allie Sheedy (sp?) in the Breakfast Club.

S* said...

I'd go with 4. For someone from 6 years ago to still care what you think of them is a little weird for me.