Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Waiting Game

"Still waiting...a touch of turpentine"

I skipped class today to wait for my DHL guy (we see each other with such frequency that we're practically engaged - last time he didn't even make me pay duties) hoping that he'd be there before 11, as he usually is on redelivery attempts but it's almost 1 pm and I'm still at home, breaking in my new Nikes, and still waiting patiently for the door bell to ring.

I've cleaned my apartment, synced my iPod, caught up on a fair amount of reading (if I'm skipping school, I might as well do homework to justify it slightly) and did some dishes. I'd really just like to shower more than anything else but I'm still waiting for Mr. DHL.

These jeans and shirts better be worth it...

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