Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A surprising twist

I set off on my break only to run into The Gentle Giant who was also on his break. He asked where I was eating and I told him that I had no idea, I asked him the same and he told me the same thing. I had been set on McDonald's for some reason (I'm a glutton for punishment, I suppose) but the lineup was ridiculous and I've learned that the longer the line, the slower the service, so that was a no go, and I settled on my old standby, the good Greek place in our food court.

Except my debit card wasn't working - even though I had used it just a few hours earlier, so I went back to the store to see if anyone had any change so I could pay for my meal. The Gentle Giant called and kindly offered to pay for my lunch - surprising because I'm pretty sure he has some knowledge of my thinly veiled hatred for him.

The guy working at the Greek place also told me that he would have given me my food for free had he know - aw, cute.

Regardless, I ended up eating my lunch with TGG because you can't just bail after someone buys you lunch and it wasn't nearly as awkward as I had anticipated.

I told The Pansy about it and she quietly asked if I hated him less now, and I laughed and said 'no'.

The rest of the night was relatively uneventful, except I had to sit next to at first, and then eventually across from this chick who was dancing (badly) to the music coming from her iPod. I couldn't even make fun of her because I was so mortified on her behalf.


M said...

Out here, we call being "mortified on her behalf" as a case of douche chills. Feel free to use it.

team gingerbread said...

m - I like it, I will start using it. Is that Jersey slang?

I must know the origins of things, it's the anthro nerd in me...

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha.
you should like
TGG. that was really nice
of him. seriously. ha ha.