Thursday, March 08, 2007

Boyz 'n' the hood

Just another Tuesday night, hmmm?

I'm on my way home with Hawaiian Delight and Philly, on what could only be described as the better of the two buses we can take home at that hour when on walk two very drunk and lecherous guys. At first we don't really notice because for the most part, they've kept to themselves and we just catch up on old times and talk about shoes we're excited about next season since we're all shoe-obsessed.

The visibly drunker of the pair uses our animated excuse as an opportunity to lean over Philly and tell him (and the rest of us) "to just shut up, and keep our voices down". We're all semi-surprised and weirded out but we comply, it's a long bus ride home and it's not really worth either getting kicked off the bus or into a fight with someone who's got nothing to lose.

We all just listen to our iPods and glance back and forth occasionally. The drunk guy slurs something at one of his friends and furtively glancing in our direction whilst making obscene hand gestures, pausing briefly only to hit on me and drink more alcohol kindly provided by his friend, much to my disgust.

Sufficiently weirded out, we opted to get off one stop early and stopped for some food only to encounter a homeless man passed out on the floor of this establishment in a pool of his own vomit bleeding from both the mouth and nose.

Lovely. Paramedics were called and we ate our meal in shock, then continued on our way home.


Eric said...

That's one transient transportation filled post.

Anonymous said...

jeeze. you never know what you're going to throw at us next! ha ha.
hope that guy ended up okay!

team gingerbread said...

eric - I lead an exciting life, what can I say, lol

heather - I know, at this rate I might get married tomorrow just to spice things up

Shay said...

Yet another reason to hate taking the bus. >.<