Thursday, March 01, 2007


Team Gingerbread: If you hear beeping in the back room, it's not my cell - it's my Tamagotchi.
Cute 'n' Fresh: Um, what?
Team Gingerbread: A customer left it behind and I called dibs.


Cute 'n' Fresh: I think your Tamagotchi just flatlined. I was in the back and it started beeping.
Team Gingerbread: Oh
Cute 'n' Fresh: Have you been feeding it?
Team Gingerbread: To be honest, I don't really know how it works.
Cute 'n' Fresh: I used to have one, I can show you
Team Gingerbread: No, that's OK. I'm bored already, isn't that sad?

from across the room

AirQuote: Oooh, can I have it?
Team Gingerbread: No, I never said I didn't want it, just that I have no interest in it. That's essentially a metaphor for my life. You can write that down if you'd like.


M said...

That Tamagotchi summed up life for me. Yeah, I know I should push the button and feed it, but I'm too bored. As Morrisey sang, "I was bored before I even began"...sigh...

riese said...

that def. made me LOL.

Toni-Marie said...

You can write that down if you'd like
I love that, made me laugh.

Eric said...

Eric said...

Wow Canada really is behind.

Wow. Eric hates Blogger.

team gingerbread said...

eric - team ging3rbread hates blogger too. like jesus, blogger works in mysterious ways...

Eric said...

Yeah ive been having a problem with it lately loading the verification graphic.

So a lot of good that does.