Monday, February 05, 2007

This calls for a Bud Light Monday Morning Meme (TM)

I was tagged over the weekend by my friend Heather. Since I have a little time on my hands as I wait for the arrival of my cab (I was lured over to The Engineer's place by promises of Havarti and grapes) I've decided to delight my faithful readers with a meme.

These are the rules of the game: The first player chose a topic. In this case, the topic is SIX WEIRD HABITS OF YOURS. You must then write a journal entry listing those weirdnesses you possess~as well as the rules of the game. Then, you select SIX PEOPLE TO TAG and link their names/blogs in your entry. Go to their journals and leave a comment informing them they have been tagged by you and to read your journal to see in what way they have been nailed! Those six then MUST (note that I insist upon it!) write an entry listing their weird habits and tag an additional five people.

I don't really believe in tagging - partly due to sheer laziness and partly out of compassion. So if you're inclined to do this, go to town...

1. I can't sleep without relaxation tapes, the lamer the soundtrack the better. Caribbean Shores and Amazon Rain forest are in heavy rotation. Sexy, I know. Before I moved to Edmonton, and before Hanover, I spent my gap year living with friends in a downtown Ottawa apartment across from a seedy nightclub and have since become accustomed to excessive background noise.

2. I cannot take a shower if the shower is still damp from someone else using it. I will either wait till it is bone dry to shower or go without if time doesn't permit.

3. I usually don't like sitting with people on public transit and will opt to stand no matter how long the bus/train/subway ride is.

4. I like to wake up early (the only exception being when I'm super hungover) just so I can get a few hours to myself with absolutely no distractions.

5. I can't turn off iTunes until the playcounts are even.

6. I takes me about 4 hours every day to decide what I'm going to have for lunch.

Aren't I fascinating? Yeah, not so much


riese said...

This is hillarious because one of my sunday Top ten ideas that I've started and not finished for the last two weeks is "top ten things i do that are weird, i guess, even though they are normal to me," like that i can't sleep without a fan on, that i put empty water bottles in the freezer, have very specific rules for when i use "textedit' and when i use "word," won't go out for lunch with anyone, that i eat everything on paper towels so that i don't have to wash dishes, etc.


but you are weirder than me.

Jeremy said...

So does every song on iTunes need to be an even number or are you talking about an overall account? Is it odd to disect your oddities?

team gingerbread said...

riese - I heart the sunday top ten, it's my fave post of the week other than the l word recap teaser of course

jeremy - every song on whatever playlist i'm listening to. I only listen to playlists so they're super-micromanaged

Anonymous said...

i love it :]
you're just as weird as i am!