Friday, January 19, 2007

Sequins, really?

Yes, I own an ugly bra that is festooned with sequins, so what? It was $8!

I was in desperate need of a couple new bras but had little time in which to procure them (I was on my break and also had to make a quick trip to MAC for blush) so I had to stop by the LaSenza Express - less selection and literally everything is in bins - because it was on my route. I was elbow-deep in the 'c' bin when out of nowhere this salesgirl is all "Can I help you find your size?" "Uh, no, I'm doing just fine thanks" I said as I quickly fished out the first couple of non-heinous bras I could find in my size.

Of course, one of those bras happened to have sequins all over it, how I failed to notice that fact is beyond me, but the aforementioned sequins tend to fall off willy nilly, kinda like Hansel and Gretel, but with a trail of stripper sequins as evidenced by a recent google chat with The Engineer:

21:18 me: why do you ask?
21:19 The Engineer: ask what?
me: the bra thing
The Engineer: oh because i found these huge sparkles in my bathroom...
me: and you were wondering if they were from me or another ladyfriend?
21:20 just kidding I'm not totally crazy
The Engineer: right
me: um, are they sequins or sparkles?
if they're sequins they're def. mine
21:21 The Engineer: sweet, then i did the right thing by having them framed
me: as a tribute to our failed romance, you lurker?
21:22 The Engineer: don't hate
me: i'm getting a slushie at mac's
last time I went and got something you had to go and be a copycat on me
The Engineer: mhmm
but i really wanted ice cream
21:23 and to be fair you had frozen yogurt, and i had the real deal
me: right
not to be competitive or a scorekeeper or anything
21:24 The Engineer: right
how was school?
me: uneventful
my classes are ok, all but one of them are in [the same room]
The Engineer: so you're the anthropology equivalent of veal?
21:25 me: sure if that gets you to sleep at night
21:26 The Engineer: i sleep better knowing that the sequins under my pillow are yours actually
me: alright


Eric said...

man.. dunno what to take from that convo...

on another note, you made is sound like you were in such desperation that you were afraid your chest was going explode in a geyser of cotton if you didn't go get a bra now.

Eh, maybe not that melodramatic but I thought it anyways.

Ashburnite said...

I almost fell out of my chair at the "Hansel and Gretel, but with a trail of stripper sequins" part.

a sequined bra may not be practical, but a close-up makes for a really cool picture.

team gingerbread said...

eric - maybe it's just different for girls but I really didn't feel like doing laundry, and going without a bra really isn't an option (professional or practical) so I had to buy some.

ash - glad I could make someone's day. now I'm off to clean up yet more sequins (not even kidding). eventually my roommate is going to ask what's up

team gingerbread said...

eric - as for the convo, I'm assuming you're referring to his "sweet, then i did the right thing by having them framed" and "i sleep better knowing that the sequins under my pillow are yours actually" comments?

WE have this litte game we play where we try an creep each other out by making the most obscene/quasi-inappropriate comments to one-up each other...

Karen Rani said...

That is too funny! LOVE MAC. I can't get enough of their stuff and it's making me broke.

Maritza said...

Love the Engineer!!

team gingerbread said...

karen - I hear that! Luckily most of their stuff is pretty good quality so it lasts a long time, although that doesn't really help if you just keep buying new colours...

Maritza - I know, he's funny and cute, boo!

shirley said...

rrr, hot flirtship!

And now I picture you walking down the street looking hot, but with sequins flying off your chest & killing people. Perhaps screams of "aaah, my EYE!" in the background. Love it!

team gingerbread said...

shirley - at least it would be a very sexy death, and I believe that's the most noble kind...

Eric said...

Yeah I was going say something like that but I realized that I was the last peron to say anything about saying something creepy in a joking fashion..

and I like the idea of you busting right out of bra in a public enviroemnt spewing everone with textile shrapnel a lot better, thank you.

S* said...

Don't they poke and scratch at your boobies and make your shirt look lumpy?

I love MAC. They had a special travel size brush set for the holidays. One of my best purchaes. The brushes are awesome.

team gingerbread said...

s* - it's not extreme sequin action like in the photo (which is just a stock image used for effect), they're only on the outside of the bra and they lie flat because they're glued on ($8 bra style)

At this rate it will be a sequin free bra in a couple of months...