Sunday, December 17, 2006

Straight up lurking...

Thoughts from the night out at the bar wherein The Archaeologist stood us up (again!):

Upon entering the bathroom

It's so weird that there are urinals in the girls washroom! It must be one of those Ally McBeal-esque unisex ones.

Upon sitting on the toilet

Um, actually, I'm in a guys washroom. I'm not drunk - I swear.

Upon exiting said washroom

Yup, that is definitely the traditional male bathroom pictogram

Bar room chatter:

Team Gingerbread: Uh, who are you texting?

The Pansy: No one.

Team Gingerbread: Is it The Goth Girl - who was actually supposed to come out as well, but instead stayed home to entertain with her manfriend. (thinking for a minute) Is it The Gentle Giant?

The Pansy: Maybe.

Team Gingerbread: He texted you?

The Pansy: I may have texted him...

Team Gingerbread: What happened to "Fuck that! I'm totally not talking to him first!?!

The Pansy: (devilish grin)

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