Thursday, November 16, 2006

The one with the awkward conversation

That included (but was not limited to)

  • The Archaeologist telling me that he waxes and was concerned about ingrown hairs (um, ew!)
  • the fact that The Archaeologist is potentially involved with a girl who allegedly has a boyfriend that lives out of town (likely story, she's just not that into you dude)
  • the 'Penis in the muffin' story, also courtesy of The Archaeologist
  • The Archaeologist bitching about how he doesn't feel certain people are working enough (not my problem!/tell them, and not me)


Ma Titwonky said...

Could you relate the story of the penis in the muffin please? LOL!

team gingerbread said...

Basically, he was on tour with his friends band and one of the guys in the band was really poor/hungry so hadn't been eating a lot.

He bought a bag of muffins, but offered him the last one, but beforehand he had cut a hole in the bag/muffin and placed it on his lap.

When the guy went to go grab the last muffin (keep in mind he was starving, so you can imagine the the amount of enthusiasm involved) and ended up grabbing a whole fistful of penis instead.

Eric said...

Man, this guy is one step short of of dropping unannounced N bombs then saying...


Eric said...

Man I just realized that my site isn't linked to my name anymore. So how am I going steal Team G readers with my witty banter?

(also I can only still log on only with either google or blogger)

S* said...

Um, the archaelogist was not nice to the starving band mate. Um, why would he want his band mate grabbing him anyway?

Heather said...

that muffin story is nasty.
ha ha.

have a good weekend hon.

team gingerbread said...

s* - I know, such a mean thing to do. We suspect the archaeologist is bisexual

heather - I know. It was possibly the most awkward revelation ever. You too

Nicole said...

All I can think of is "Do You Know the Muffin Man".

And I'm using air quotes while I type.