Wednesday, November 01, 2006

October: A Month in Review

Cribbed from choleric

1.The Engineer and team gingerbread are on again off again on again just friends.

2. In hindsight, perhaps I should start 35 page essays (read:diatribes) on sex tourism slightly more than a week in advance

3. You don't win friends with a degree in anthropology (It's actually a proven conversation halter)

4. The Pansy + [redacted] "I feel good about that"

5. Hallowe'en = otherwise bratty kids in adorable costumes, thus partially melting my cold, frozen heart

6. I spend far too much money at Starbucks, although if my coworker would just dump her boyfriend for The Starbucks Guy, we could all reap the benefits

7. It's really not worth filing a grievance with the labour board over essentially $50 - it's just sour grapes at this point

8. The first snowfall = meh

9. "Sure, you could use that money to sponsor a child, but you wouldn't know what time it was would you?"

10. team gingerbread's wit scares The Archaeologist

11. The Archaeologist is not an expert on dinosaurs nor penguins

12. classy ladies pretend they're just out for an early morning jaunt and not still out from the night before - somewhat hard to pull off the day after Hallowe'en

13. I'm officially in love with Holden and their outerwear. I heart the Mila Jacket in Black Plum.

14. My new neighbourhood is also home to a 'massage parlour'

15. Pregnant women who hang out in front of convenience stores in the ghetto whilst casually eating pizza straight from the box in the wee hours of the night are to be feared.

16. Work crushes are golden

17. Drunk blogging, not so much

18. The Pansy 'converted' team gingerbread to team [redacted] (albeit very briefly)


health said...

i can see that you have a great site.... do you like to do Link exchange with me, let me know by mail thanx in advance if you agree we should do both. mine and u can exchange anyone u like byee..

Eric said...

crib away! Its therapeutic.

team gingerbread said...

eric - thanks, I've been meaning to do this for awhile now but everytime a new month rolls around, I conveniently forget.

Eric said...

Well if it makes it any easier what I do is have the post in draft form all week and update it daily, then publish it at the end of the week.

Eric said...

I used to forget if I didn't do it and Sat would roll around and I'd have nothing, and worse nothing to remember to add.

team gingerbread said...

Yeah, that's what I'm going to do for November. October was off the top of my head, and as such, a little truncated

Kris said...

Drunk blogging...been there done that. Have the "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU" comments to prove it.


team gingerbread said...

kris- I think it's a blogging rite of passage