Friday, October 06, 2006

Look away

So I have to walk by this African restaurant to get home now, and it seems that this creepy old guy has taken a liking to me.

At first he just followed me with his eyes, but today, he saw me approach, and actually came outside to watch me walk the final block home.

How terribly comforting - hopefully he doesn't get lippy.


Cindra Jo said...

Yeah, watch mr. ogler. Dr. John sent me over here.

Yer blog is a riot.

pia said...

Can not believe that you have a category "stalkers" too funny and sad

team gingerbread said...

Yeah, it's kinda creepy. It hasn't gotten too bad, but how do you even approach a situation like that if it gets out of hand, you know?

Cody said...

Three words: Stun Gun, Zapp!

GigglePixie said...

OMG, that's totally creeping me out!! I'm with Cody - get thee a stun gun, m'lady!!

team gingerbread said...

How exactly does one obtain a stun gun?

Hypothetically speaking of course