Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Intra-personal relationships are for chumps

[redacted]: So how was your weekend?
team gingerbread: Crappy.*
[redacted]: Sorry, I didn't come out on Saturday, we worked really late. I was here til 2 am...
team gingerbread: It wasn't crappy because you bailed!
[redacted]: [stunned]

Customer #1: I really want a Nixon watch, but they're so expensive
Customer #2: You just want one because it's your last name!
Customer #1: No, I've always had my eye on this one (the bamboo chalet)
team gingerbread: Well, it's not that expensive. If you think about it, you could sponsor a child for a dollar a day, or you could just buy the watch...
Customer #1: I guess that's true
team gingerbread: I mean, sure you'd feel good about sponsoring a child, but you wouldn't know what time it was would you?
Everyone: [uncomfortable laughter]

*Strangely enough, I had a good weekend, I was just in a bad mood when he asked me about it.


La Chou said...

Hahaha...the last conversation is classic. Amazing. Love it!

team gingerbread said...

Yeah, I'm a total douche, what can I say?

Eric said...

Sally Struthers would be proud.

team gingerbread said...

eric - I do what I can, ironically enough, I actually have a friend ( a girl that I work with) that sponsors a child - she laughed a little too.