Monday, October 16, 2006

Death of a salesgirl

Ugh, this has been the most tiring weekend.

I actually studied all day Saturday, only to reward myself with a night of drinking and other debaucherous activities that left me stumbling home at the crack of dawn in order to make it to work on time.

But apparently I sell really well when I'm hungover because I talked so many people into buying things they probably didn't need, and it felt really, really good.

I've never sold so much stuff at work as I did, all the while, desperately craving Gatorade and beef jerky (my hangover staples, in case you're keeping track)

I was having trouble sleeping, as I most usually do when I'm not in my own bed, and resorted to taking a handful of sleeping pills at 2 am, because I really couldn't take it anymore. Except that you're really supposed to plan on getting at least 8 hours of sleep when you take them, and not the 5 or so that I ended up with.

In order to clear the fogginess caused by a sleeping pill, in addition to, an alcohol-related hangover I drank 3 or so cups of coffee - which just left me jittery, and not alert as I had intended.

Oh well, you only live once, right? I'm in such a good mood because of this weeknd and I'm super excited (note how I didn't say 'stoked' - I realized that I say both 'stoked' and 'dude' far too much now) about is the $200 Franklin&Marshall sweater that I've had my eye on for months will finally be mine tomorrow and I'm splurging and buying super dark wash WE jeans and a Harajuku Lovers sweater.

I also returned [redacted]'s dvd today and managed to call him a cunt while doing it, don't ask why, that's just how I roll. He seemed totally shocked by my choice of words and commented that it wasn't very ladylike, my witty retort - "Who says that I'm a lady?"

Oh, the work crush saga continues. Well, not really because I talked to the white guy who works at the urbanwear store down the hall today, and I think I like him a lot more than [redacted]; I mean, at least I'm attracted to The White Guy - which is more than I can say for [redacted].


Kelley said...

Haha...this post brings back my own memories from college, when every day was a struggle to stay functional via a delicate balance of alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine.

But I had a great time doing it! :)

shirley said...

Ooh, maybe your pores were exuding alcohol & making your customers drunk. They'll get home, sober up and be like "what did I buy??"

La Chou said...

Good thing you didn't work at a donut shop...the smell regularly kills hungover people.

team gingerbread said...

Kelley - so true, the end result always justifies the means when it comes to drinking

Shirley - True story. Two people I conned into buying stuff exchanged their items today :(

La Chou - true that, but I do work in a mall with many exquisite and unique scents, and my store is conveniently located next to a chocolatier (aka. unpleasant when hungover)