Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dispatches from the front lines of debauchery (part 2)

So last time I covered Friday night and today I'll be covering Wednesday/Saturday nights.


I don't know why but we thought it would be a good idea to attend wing night at our neighborhood pub especially with early morning classes and the like the next day, but all the cute boys we hang out would be there, and we had thoughts of booty calls dancing in our pretty little heads.

Basically the exact same as the Saturday and Monday nights previous except far more intoxicated.

Boys we barely even knew were offering to buy us shots and pitchers all night long and we were in full-tilt flirt mode. We were the centers of attention and loving every minute of it - and then somewhere along the way it all went horribly awry.

Sometime over the course of our walk home The Christitute and I got into a huge fight, I'm talking screaming at each other at the top of our lungs in a downpour-type blowout and neither of us can figure out exactly what it is that the other was mad about.

I have never been so hungover the next day, ever. Not even that one time I got alcohol poisoning in first year.


We had our biggest rush event and it's an all day thing with our fraternity big brothers. We've always had a massive turnout and it ends up morphing into a big house party afterwards. I bailed out pretty early because TC had upbraided me rather severely (and rightly so, I might add) earlier in the day and I was in a foul mood, and I had a work-related party to attend on the other side of the city. TC and I had kissed and made up so I managed to convince her to join me - and she's met my coworkers before so I wouldn't have to entertain her if I got really drunk.

The party was at a bar that the owner of my skate shop owns so we got free drink tickets galore when we got there and some of the boys who work at the urban wear store down the hall bought me a round of drinks.

We decided to leave pretty early because the cab ride home would have been in the $30 range and we tried to catch the last bus, but we had missed it. TC got the brilliant idea of calling her semi-regular make out partner for a ride home and we were golden. We got home and our house party was winding down but I ran into a really cute British boy (The Brit) and I brazenly asked him if he wanted to make out because the other guy who was chatting me up was painfully boring.

I grabbed his hand and we retired to my room, but I had to go to the washroom, and as I exited my room, one of the girls in my sorority confronted me in the hall and hotly spat "You know he has a girlfriend right?"

I didn't, but at that point I didn't care and snapped back "So? I don't know her. Besides, we're just making out and that's not my problem anyways" and closed the bathroom door in her face.

Classy, I know.

We made out for at least an hour and then I got bored/annoyed and kicked him out of my room. Apparently as he left one of the girls that we're trying to recruit (and who had been trying to get in his pants all night) was pretty miffed and called out to him "[The Brit], did you have a good time?" as he was leaving my room. He scowled at her and left.

I cleaned myself up a little and rejoined the girls in the living room to dish, while TC waited for her manfriend to come over.

I almost overslept for work the next day.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006
Dispatches from the front lines of debauchery (part 1)

OK, so I should preface this post with the fact that I've only been partying this hard because it's recruitment and there's really never a time when you can't go out and be gregarious if you're trying to recruit new members to join your ranks.

Anytime they want to go out, you have to be there to join them/hold their hair back when they puke no matter how big of a tool they appear to be because, you never know, they might have a friend/sister/roommate who's perfect for the sorority, so you can't afford to alienate anyone.

We had 2 parties to go to last night, the KA Martini party and the DKE punch tasting. The Martini party was fun, tons of cute boys, but The Christitute (TC), The Roadtrip Queen (TRQ) and Manitoba spent forever at the mall and didn't get home until very late so we got a late headstart and only ended up being able to stay at their party for 30 minutes.

The plan had been to hit up the punch tasting for however long it took us to get drunk off the free booze and meet up with Ah-bby on Whyte. Except we got sidetracked into going to Hudson's on Campus to meet up with the Phi Delts with a bunch of rushes in tow. The second we got there one of the rushes turned to me and commented how a certain gentleman that TC is somewhat enamoured with was looking pretty cute and I quietly told her that he was off-limits.

She's a pretty savvy chick so she picked up what I was putting down, and backed off. I mean, it wouldn't occur to most rushes to ask for background info about guys before going after them so I was even more stoked to offer her a bid. I'm definitely not the type to blackball a rush just because she was hitting on my man (but that's probably only because I'm very, very single right now - cause normally I'm pretty jealous). But it has happened before that we lost some rushes because of dalliances with members' boys.

I refused to tell exactly who he was taken by, because it's still kind hush-hush, but she was able to guess. We partied with the boys for a while, while I flirted with Tom in order to get free booze and we migrated upstairs from the basement to close down the bar. As we were leaving TC (who had been playing hard to get all night, much to my chagrin because I hate that tactic) finally decided to grow some balls and make a move.

"Um, do you mind if I don't come home with you?" she asked quietly.

"No, no. By all means. Do your thing"

"OK, well...bye. Seriously, leave now!"

"Uh, sure. Have a good night I guess" I replied.

She kept me up to date with status reports via text, but I fell asleep before I got the last one. Apparently they were hanging out at his frat house and she was annoyed that she couldn't pull him away discreetly.

After I woke up this morning I , being the classy lady that I am, texted her back "Haha! You're so not sleeping alone right now are you?" While chuckling to myself about how immature I was being.

On a scale of one to ten, the KA part was a 7 (but only because it was unbelievably hot in there) and the DKE party was a 4. The afterparty at Hudson's was an 8 (less, but not completely devoid of free booze, but more undivided male attention)

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