Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My kingdom for some antihistamines

I went on a bit of a binge, and I bought 5 pairs of shoes last week.

Now before you get in on me for being a shopaholic, or out of control, I'll put it out there that I had my eye on all of these shoes before I started working at a sweet skate shop.

I've taken to wearing my slips without socks (I know, for shame! but they look dorky with socks and shorts) as of late and I'd never experienced a problem before, but I had an allergic my shoes!

I'm so disheartened right now that it's not even funny.

I'm assuming some rubber is exposed on the inside of the shoe, because my toes are now swolen, and beyond itchy.

I'm allergic to pretty much everything under the sun (milk, milk products, rubber, dust, birch trees, grass, dogs, cats, horses, hay, some drugs, low-grade metals - think the buttons in jeans/pants, belt buckles, or clasps on most necklaces, air, I could go on for days) and I've had to make adjustments in pretty much every aspect of my life, but my footwear?

You've got to be kidding me - anybody have any calamine lotion?

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