Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Honourable Mentions

I suppose the only thing more gratifying than being recognized for a job well done within the company (something I'm pleased to have been on the receiving end of for the better part of the bottom half of the year) is having someone from your industry, but outside of your peer group, praise your work.

...And attempt to recruit you.

I'm very happy where I am right now, but it never hurts to have the coolest boy in school pay you a compliment - even if you are head over heels in love with someone else, you know?


I Own The Internet said...

Compliments are great, but remember - you should only need your own self validation right? I dunno, I just think your too cool by the sound of things to have to worry what others think. Sorry that Im just a stranger saying this.
It's an awesome page you got here, but not just that - its part of a wonderful new blog approach that has changed my view on blogging. Thanks for being so creative and honest with your posts, I clicked next blog and was so surprised with your wonderful page - thanks again
Please stop by mine and say hello :)

Nicoel said...

I definitely agree that your own validation should be all you need, but that's not what gets you promoted/recognized in your industry.

Other must also recognize the potential for greatness or whatever for you to get ahead if you're part of a corporation, and not working for yourself.Thanks for your insight.