Friday, October 31, 2008

On that note...

I think the time has come for me to call it quits (at least on this blog front). It has definitely been a good run, 2-3 years with various ups and downs, but nary a dull day.

I've kind of seen this coming for a while but it's gotten to the point where I dread having to come up with insipid blog posts on a daily basis. I may continue to post here or there but there will definitely not be any daily blogging from this day on.

If you really feel the need to contact me, my contact info can be found on my blogger profile page.

I do have another blog project in the works but it's nothing terribly exciting, mostly my thoughts on music, fashion and art - totally random but it's what I feel like focusing on right now, so yeah.

It's been a trip.


Heather said...

I will REALLY REALLY miss you.

BUT-- I have your facebook info so I can stalk you there :P


krisis said...

I'm sad to see you go! You have been one of my few regular reads since the first NaBloPoMo. You always make daily life seem intriguing - I hope that it continues to be that and much more for you!