Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September: A Month in Review

1. Ugh. So. Incredibly. Busy. Kill me now

2. Yeah, I definitely feel more productive but my (budding) social/romantic life and my whole sleep cycle-thing is definitely bearing the brunt of all this stress - not to mention my skin

3. and my skin - what is this? I've never had bad skin before

4. I'm thinking that I've perhaps outgrown [redacted] and that it's time to move on.

5. We'll see how October goes

6. I've never been happier and I can't quite put my finger on why

7. Shopping-wise, September has been a good/bad month for my collection/wallet

8. But I really needed a new bag, snowboard, shoes, etc.

9. October is the month of extreme budget cuts.

10. ...amd a new diet, my stomach is in knots

11. I am continually surprised by how calm and collected I've become - is this the end of my rage blackouts?

12. All this talk of how organized I've been lately implies that I've got every base covered, which is mostly true, but not entirely. I'm working to fix that.

13. Probably the best part of this month was the day that a Bath & Body Works opened by my work - hands down.

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Anonymous said...

yay for having a B&BW open near you -- I LOVE THEM. What's your fave scent? I'm glad that you are happy--and good luck with retail season. UGH. it's around the corner, BOO.