Thursday, July 31, 2008

July: A Month in Review

1. I miss Canada Day at home. I've tried to enjoy the Edmonton experience, but I think next year, I'm just going to fly home to ensure that I actually have a good time

2. BBQ time - summer's here. Yay for grilled hot dogs.

3. Yet another year, yet another late birthday present. My mom should be used to it by now. I'd like to pretend it's because I'm so busy that I just forger these things but it's really that I don't care.

4. I'm kind of sick of people feeling sorry for me when I tell them I'm estranged from my mother - don't be, I'm not.

5. Read this, and please don't ever tell me to smile again.

6. iPhone day, aieeee!

7. I am taking a break from working out/eating healthfully/doing yoga and picking up smoking again.

8. ...and drinking

9. ...and sleeping

10. This no sleeping thing is really starting to cut into my quality of life - it may be time to see a specialist again.

11. The Zune and the iPhone. This is a good month for tech in my life.

12. Probably the thing I hate the most about getting a new phone is the dreaded syncing of contacts thing. I'm lazy and I have a lot of phone numbers. Luckily Nokia made it super easy. I'm going to miss my E62, but I will not miss not having a camera.

13. Ever go through a phase where you feel like you're lacking inspiration? Yeah, that's me right now. I think it might be time for grad school or Destiny's Child.

14. I am obsessed with Jaguar Love.

15. ...but I'm still on the search for good new music. Feel free to fill my comment box with suggestions.

16. I need to stop being such an avid fan of avoiding uncomfortable situations, and just deal with it already. It's probably only going to get worse.

17. Auto-censor where are you, I could have used you last night.

18. That being said, my reaction really can't have come as that big of a shock to you.

19. I might edit this later.

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suppppppppperdave said...

Anything by Airbourne usually sounds good. They're like.. ACDC.

.. just, less self conscious, and usually without shirts. It's a pretty bad mix actually, but at least they sing good.