Monday, June 23, 2008

Wide Awake, Not Necessarily Bored

I'm right in the middle of mid-summer insomnia spell. I'm tired all the time, but actually putting my head to the pillow and expecting something to happen - no dice.

So, I've taken it upon myself to organize my iTunes library once and for all. It used to be a thing of beauty, with little (cleverly-titled) playlists for every occasion - and then one night I accidentally deleted it all in a sleep-deprived fit of insanity.

I bought a new computer this week, and I've been busy porting all my preferences as well as around six years of accumulated mental debris to my virginal MacBook.

I just transferred all my Sleater-Kinney albums to my new computer, and so many of the songs evoke such vivid memories. I'm suddenly transported back to a time of imminent IB exams, fooling around in the Carleton University library with my hs boyfriend Alex, and taking the longest possible way back to school afterwards.

"My body lingers, like your hand on my heart" - Oh! by Sleater-Kinney
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