Monday, June 30, 2008

June: A Month in Review

1. I feel like I should take a time out from my social life

2. For the first time in years, my allergy medication seems to have lost its efficacy, what's a girl to do?

3. It's been a really long time since I haven't felt disappointed by you

4. I don't know quite what brought this on, but I'm suddenly obsessed with traveling to Switzerland

5. I keep finding shoes that I love but I've got to practice some form of restraint, I can't keep buying shoes at this rate...

6. Summer is finally here but I'm too wiped to really enjoy it

7. ...but I have found a lot of time to skate.

8. Huzzah, I have a new computer, and it is wonderful!

9. I still haven't gotten around to transferring half the stuff off my old one though because I'm lazy

10. My friend Matt's band was featured on a pretty prominent music blog.

11. I'm really sick of having to pretend to care

12. I'm getting back into the habit of hitting the gym 4-5 times per week, yoga comes next.

13. Ah, The Tudors, I'm obsessed with you - but Anne drives me nuts. She is so plain and faintly unattractive. Unattractive leads really bother me.

14. The year is half over, ponder that one.

15. ...and I'm two weeks away from getting a new cell phone.

16. I finally managed to crack my tank of a Nokia by dropping it carelessly on the way to Claud's fundraiser thing

17. Finally, what is with this weather. It's torrential downpour tiem here in Edmonton, and it seems like another rollin thundershower is around the corner at all times.


I only quit smoking during the week, Saturday night makes up for that fact.

I'm going to call you a chocolate racist if that's ok.

I can just see the headlines 'Girl dies in home-made gas chamber'

Singing leads to dancing, which we all know leads to premarital sex and that's a sin.

Did I read that? You know full well that I cannot read.

She doesn't have a belly button you know? (sidenote: I have a belly button)

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stephanie said...

Love the quotes.