Monday, April 21, 2008

Wool Coats and Scarves Again

I don't even want to look outside right now, but I know I should. It has been snowing all weekend, and I'm beyond stoked about having to haul my winter coat out from the back of the closet for this oh-so-special Passover miracle.

Seriously, can we just stop with the snow? I'd like to start skating again, and that doesn't really work if there's a foot of snow covering the front walk, etc.

Side note: I bought a laundry basket from Ikea 4 days ago and I still can't get it together. I might just have to buy a new one altogether.


Rae said...

I had to walk in said snow for twenty minutes today! And it's not supposed to be done until Wednesday!!

:( Damn these cold snaps.

Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

I guess I should be thankful that our snow isn't coming til Saturday?