Friday, February 22, 2008


I feel really numb today.

I could just be a residual effect of my jog yesterday. It's not the shoes this time, since I was wearing my old Adidas trainers instead of the New Balance ones. The New Balance ones aren't quite broken in, so I can really run for more than 30 minutes without being in agonizing pain.

It started in my foot, not terribly uncomfortable, but annoying nonetheless. It felt like I was standing on a roll of pennies, wedged into my shoe. I ignored it, as I'm wont to do when I run because nothing gets in the way of me and the finish line, except maybe death/dismemberment/excessive blood loss.

But I just feel weird (and I'm limping slightly).

Maybe it's the gaping hole on the left side of the keyboard that I still can't figure out. I would have assumed if any of the command keys were to break off that it would be the right-hand one. Even though I'm left-handed, I do everything better with my right, except for the obvious (writing). This is what makes me a terrible baseball player, the fact that I prefer to catch and throw with the same hand. I can technically catch with my left hand, but I feel more comfortable doing it with the right.

It's probably because most of the command lines I use are located on the left side of the keyboard range and ultimately my laziness trumps my handedness but I don't really know.

The other day my mouth was numb for almost the entire day.

The numbness in my head is catching up with the rest of my body.


eric said...

I say, "Run with it."

Tracey said...

When I'm in a running kind of place, I tend to ignore all manner of pain signals which my body sends me too. It's just so addictive!! Hopefully the numbness will pass.

I'm happy to hear you are a fellow left-hander...I seem to know so few of them.


ngillingham said...

Here is another reason to feel numb:

Diablo Cody just won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

stephanie said... the way...ngillingham is me. I was on his computer and forgot to log him out. Oops.