Friday, February 29, 2008

February: A Month in Review

1. It's a leap year apparently, one more shopping day for me.

2. Still waiting

3. I find that if you end up waiting that long for something, you should probably just ignore the result. You'll be disappointed anyways.

4. What is that sound? Do you have a dog or a small child or something. Is that why I always hear a ball bouncing?

5. The last thing I need is more people who don't actually listen to me (see: my parents, though I'm certain they mean well)

6. I'm looking for a new Scrabulous partner apparently, any takers?

7. To be fair, I don't love beating you all the time either.

8. Summer is almost here - in my mind at least. Which means I need a new summer tote.

9. I can't wait for March - I'm in official countdown mode.

10. New headphones x 2. My morning runs are going to be so much better now that I can actually hear my music.

11. The Gap has re-issued its classic (read: middle/high-school era for me) scents, forgetting my favourite one, Earth. Oh well, Heaven, Dream and So Pink aren't that bad.

12. This is probably my biggest pet peeve.

13. I'm intrigued by Sadie Magazine (a contender for the top slot in my magazine hierarchy), just one question though - How do I subscribe?

14. I'm admitting that I've actually watched every episode of Lipstick Jungle to date. It's a guilty pleasure, ok?

Overheard and Overshared (Quotables)

I got this [snowboarding] jacket for $50
It happens, usually a closing out sales, you know... Definitely not a typical occurrence.
Well I got it in California, they don't really have mountains
Right (muttered) Just like you don't really have an atlas

Maybe if you looked at my pants you would change your mind?

Shit, I think I just ripped my pants. Yup, totally did.
In the ass?
No in the crotch.
Even better.

Is that a Balenciaga bag?
Under all that stuff. That's the bag The Pansy wanted, just sitting here under textbooks, a bra and an H&M tank.
You're right. I love how blase my roommate is about a $1200 bag.

Now it's time for another round of 'Pregnant or Just Fat?'
Ah, we're such bitches. I say, just fat.

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stephanie said...

Scrabulous! Yes! Me!