Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Road to the Weekend is Paved with Bullshit

The construction crews were back at work this morning as I pored over the two credit card bills I got in the mail last night (there goes $2500). I was delaying my trip to the gym, I just couldn't seem to motivate myself that early in the morning, but I had to go to the gym before I went to the bank to get my new bank cards.

After I finally figured out my bank card fiasco, I headed across the street to Holt's to see if they had that wallet I've been looking for but it was pretty picked over after the boxing week sale and I left empty-handed. I hopped a bus to the grocery store down the street on my way home and picked up some much needed essentials (toilet parer and toothpaste, both of which ran dry on New Year's Day, when nothing was open) before work.

I turned my computer on once I got home intent on paying off one of my aforementioned bills only to find that the internet wasn't working. No matter, I said to myself, and dialed my telephone banking number only to be presented with a recording about servers being down. I grabbed the remote, ready to watch some A&E, only to find the screen snowy and the room filled with the sound of static. No cable, strange but the bill was definitely paid, so that wasn't the reason behind the sudden shutoff (and it had been working earlier in the morning).

The day at work was just interminable, not helped by the fact that I've once again started a smoking cessation program. By the end of the day my mouth was so dry and my eyes were so dilated I felt like I was high, but I was just really, really tired and not wanting to deal with people. I ended up getting a ride home because The Pansy sprained her wrist? and had the dog with her but it was with The Archaeologist so I was basically sitting in a landfill on wheels.

All these little snags have made this week crawl by and I just want to curl up in a little ball and read a book all day.

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