Thursday, January 24, 2008


Yesterday was one of those really productive days where I managed to get every little thing done with just enough time to spare. I was so happy at the end of the day because I actually accomplished a lot more than I had intended to, without sacrificing anything - except for the coffee filters, which I forgot to buy for the third time!

I had a really good workout in the morning, except in doing so I totally put a cramp in this girl's style. I go to a private gym, aka. the one in my building because it's free and I don't really like interacting with people when I go to the gym - No I don't really feel like talking to you when it seems like my lungs are going to explode from sheer exertion, or when I'm pouring sweat because I forgot to bring my headband to the gym but I can't stop, rather I won't stop a workout mid-session unless there is some dire biological emergency (read: vomit and I have to do it while I'm working out or it doesn't count).

The last couple of times I've gone to the gym, I've encountered this gym rat who has a rather extensive cardio routine that amounts to speed intervals on different machine, the elliptical (aka. the grey devil) and the treadmill. The nice thing about the whole private gym, is that there really aren't any rules as to how long each person should commandeer the machines. Which is great, when say, I want to go run a marathon in the confines of my building, not so great when I'm waiting to use the machine, like I was on Saturday but she was working out with her boyfriend (I like him because I don't have to change the settings on the leg press after he uses it) leaving my the bike as my only means of cardio. I used to love the bike before I started running, but now I just can't do it - I'm addicted to the runner's high.

I figured I'd do a quick warm up on the bike and them work on my weight training, which I usually save till the end of my workout because I usually max myself out. I had nothing but time to kill so I increased both my reps and sets while I played the waiting game, casting furtive glances in her direction. I think she thought I was dying to use the elliptical, but that theory was quashed when her bf left the gym and one opened up and I remained seated, grunting, behind her. I wasn't going to be that passive-aggressive gym person who's buzzing around the machine while you work out because that's really annoying so after I couldn't lift my arms or legs anymore, I went on the bike again - for 15 minutes.

She finally finished her routine and bid me adieu (uk, ok) and I clambered onto the rubberized runway and started sprinting. My legs quickly turned to jelly, so I only lasted about 6 minutes before I headed upstairs.

Yesterday, the shoe was on the other foot as she patiently waited around, dithering around while casting sidelong glances at the countdown slowly ticking away on my treadmill's control panel. She finally left, defeated, after about 15 minutes knowing there was no way I was going to curtail my workout for her sake.


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

AMEN, I hate speaking when I'm working out, its torture. And even if my towel flys off the machine, I refuse to get off and get it, it'll jsut stall the process.

Anonymous said...

so i think you would be proud.
i'm on a regular schedule with my gym.