Monday, January 28, 2008

It's Never a Good Sign When The High is Still in the Negatives

We were supposed to go riding tonight, but I'd already bailed on plans on both Thursday and Friday due to unforeseen circumstances (ie. dog sitting for my boss' dog). I ended up chatting with a childhood friend of mine that I haven't seen in ages, but we're going to meet up for coffee next time she's in town. She's the first friend who's shared the fact that they're with child with me without me contorting my face into a grimace and muttering something vile under my breath.

The winter so far has been pretty mild but out of nowhere, we got a huge cold snap on Sunday morning - maybe this doesn't come as a surprise to people who actually read print news, but whatevs. I woke up really late and made my way out the door, jacket still undone, only to have to wade through massive snow drifts whilst digging in purse for a scarf and hat. Of course, I was wearing my favourite pair of white canvas slip ons so snow was actually creeping up my legs, awesome!

I got to the bus stop a little late but still early considering how late my bus usually is, and waited. Waited for an additional 10+ minutes which feels like ages, fyi, when you have tears streaming down your faces because it's so cold and windy out. My bus finally rolled in around 20 minutes after it was supposed to be there, but I still managed to make it to work before The Pansy, who somehow manages to be late even if she gets a ride. I didn't miss much, since it was pretty slow - no one really seems to want to brave a blizzard to window-shop it seems.

I couldn't sleep at night, so I got out of bed to paint my nails (I had bought new nail polish after work). The Revlon stuff is amazing, but we'll have to see how it holds up at work. I had previously decided that I should actually make good on my plans from last week instead of going snowboarding, but I woke up at 5 am, unable to sleep and aching to go riding. Too bad it's going to be -30 all day, and essentially for the next 5 days.

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