Thursday, December 20, 2007

Will Travel for Food

I went grocery shopping for the first time yesterday that involved purchasing more than just items for immediate consumption since I moved into my new place. I had a lot of stuff left over when I moved and I figure I walk by the grocery store everyday so if I really need something I drag my ass off the couch ad make my way to one of the two grocery stores in a four-block radius from my place.

I think the thing that keeps me from actually buying more food is the fact that it's really cold and I can't be bothered to carry home more than a few bags because my glove-free hands get cold. So I jummped at the change to go big-box store shopping with a couple of friends last night - who were so jazzed they even drew up a facebook-shared itinerary.

The occasion? The fact that the aforementioned superstore is open 24 hours now due to the holiday season, grossly unnecessary if you ask me.

Regardless we managed to make our way through the grocery store in a fairly efficient manner only getting completely separated once or twice. Our little adventure only took a mere 2.5 hours and now my pantry is modestly stocked with figs, diet iced tea and more tea than you can shake a stick at.

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