Friday, December 14, 2007

Well Worth the Price of Admission*

I really wanted to like Juno, having been a semi-obsessive fan of Diablo Cody's since her days at the old Pussyranch (the name of her previous blog) but I just couldn't get into it - though I felt like I was in an alternate universe as I sat idly in the darkened theatre watching the agonizing progression of the film, awkward dialogue and all, as my seatmates chuckled in unison at the glowing screen. Was I the only one not enjoying this?

Gawker's Emily Gould sums it up far better than I could ever hope to at this late hour, so I'll leave you with her review.

*I take comfort in the fact that I didn't actually have to pay to see the movie - I had passes to the screening two nights ago.


Valley Girl said...

Well, thanks for the review. I thought it would be good, but I think I'll pass on it now.

team gingerbread said...

Yeah, there were some bright points to the movie like the fact that they were able to present a movie about teen pregnancy without really touching on the teen part of it and the casting was pretty interesting (who would have thought that I'd actually be praising Jennifer Garner).

From what I've heard, based on talking to friends, people are pretty polarized on this one, so who knows right?

stephanie said...

I've completely bought into the hype. I have her book on order and am just marking time until I get to see the movie.

But now....hmm.....