Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Shop 'til You Drop

"Considering how heavy my bags are, I'm pretty sure that means I can skip the gym today"

Today was the day that I absolutely had to get the rest of my shopping/card mailing/post-office going done since I don't have a full day off until after Christmas. I started early, around 9 am and picked up my new ac adapter from Apple (my old one actually full-on died last night) and picked up various gifts all over the city for about 6 hours. I got home in time to catch the last half of days.

I really should have eaten before I left but I was on task, and that would have meant that I would have to break my focus to find a washroom - not happening. First on my list, my mom. What to get the woman who has everything and then some? Sheets and a standing mixer. I had no clue what to get her manfriend so I just told her to either add my name to a card and I'd send money or pick something up and forge my signature.

My dad and his new wife are a little easier to please since they mistakenly believe that I can do no wrong. My stepmom bought my dad a new camera so I bought him Photoshop CS3 and a new wallet, a man can never have too many wallet I always say. My stepmom got a gift certificate to The Running Room (they sell shoes and other running accessories) and a weekend at a B&B in Quebec City with my Dad (they're planning a trip sometime in the spring).

After unloading the bulk of my purchases at the Post Office I made up for lost time by picking up a few things for myself (Coach flats - love them, running tights and jog bras, and a couple other small things). I honestly don't even want to think about next month's statement but I suspect it's going to be 10+ pages again.

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Fabulously Broke in the City said...

Coach flats you say (is a HUGE fan of flats)