Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday in Bullets

  • Slept in, no gym for me
  • Almost missed the bus because I was running so late
  • Tension headache sets in - eating Motrin like it's candy
  • The third girl I open with is late and when she gets in I tell her about the staff meeting - she's pissed (my fault because I forgot to tell her about it)
  • Belligerent customer, that I can't really help - not good
  • Interview at 1 pm - the girl doesn't show, just great, now I've missed my chance for a break before it gets busy
  • The girl who's in at 1 is a bit more resigned about the meeting
  • Get to close the shop early for the staff meeting - yay!
  • Staff meeting is pretty pointless, and I feel bad for making my opener miss out on her plans
  • There's pizza at the staff meeting
  • The Pansy relays some rather troubling information
  • I passed on social interaction because I feel like I was hit in the face with a brick
  • Get home only to find my roommate pre-gaming before she goes out to the Brody Jenner thing
  • Still plagued by insomnia


eric said...

See, item 1 is a bullet point for all days

stephanie said...

Sometimes, life needs bullets.

(Ha, I'm so clever...not really.)