Thursday, November 22, 2007

Small-scale Victories

As I believe I've previously mentioned somewhere, a friend and I were the lucky recipients of matching $115 drinking in public fines.

I refused to pay mine so I had to wait until yesterday to plead my case, and I ended up getting off on a technicality - my ticket failed to mention the dollar value of the fine (I knew what it was because I've gotten one before).

The lady behind the glass partition who gave me the news looked up at me expectantly, perhaps in search of gratitude or some other vague sign of emotion but I gave her none. Instead I extended my hand waiting for her to return my ticket and inspected her loopy scrawl: 'Quashed'.

Maybe I should frame it?

She muttered that it could be reissued but I'll burn that bridge if we ever get to that point and I texted my cohort with the good news upon my exit.


Valley Girl said...

I would totally frame it!

Anonymous said...

yep, i would have that bad boy framed. you have got the best luck girl! ;]