Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Hardly Knew You

I was moving the last of my things from our old apartment and my roommate graciously agreed to help me move the heavy stuff (my bed, dresser, and the like). She commented on how many shoes I own (I had left around 20 pairs in my room because I didn't have enough room in the truck the day before) and I remember saying something about those who can't and shopping - probably not that funny but whatever.

We chatted amicably and I almost forgot why I hated her so much/why we didn't get along and we ended up having one of the most pleasant conversations. As we were leaving she asked me an innocuous question (something about whether or not a certain toothbrush that was in the shower belonged to me)and I shot back a spiteful remark (something along the lines of that more something that her dirt bag boyfriend would probably do...) and I remembered that I am really unable to just let sleeping dogs lie...

In other news, I think I'm going to venture out to the gym today, or course, like sex, it's been so long that I've most likely forgotten what to do - it stands to be seen exactly how that works out.


stephanie said...

I've had random conversations with people I thought I hated only to find out that they are OK people. I've also had random conversations with people I thought I liked only to find out they are assholes. You just never know.

Anonymous said...

who knows girl.
maybe you and her can be "okay" enough now without you wanting to kill her. ha ha.

glad that move went smoothly!