Friday, July 20, 2007

Oh, Like a Blended Fruit Drink?

Team Gingerbread: I'm not sure if I like the new chick...
AirQuote: Who? Why not?
Team Gingerbread: Well, for one, she's wearing smoothies
AirQuote: What are smoothies?
Team Gingerbread: Jeans with no ass pocket
AirQuote: Oh my. That's a definite fashion misstep
(cue maniacal laughter)

Unrelated: it's Harry Potter Day!

I think we all secretly read postsecret so we can silently judge others [raymi the minx]

That is all. Have a good weekend!


Ashburnite said...

ugh. jeans with no back pockets are never good. there isn't a single person who's ass looks good in those. one of my sorority sisters in college wore them- she was a rail, but her ass still looked weird and mis-shaped.

stephanie said...

Back pockets on jeans make my ass look better for some reason. Why would someone not utilize that?

Michael said...

I never use the back pockets on my jeans, but at least I now know they make my ass look good!

Here via Blogexplosion.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha.

eww on the no back pockets!
I'm back--and my laptop is working again!
I've missed you!

team gingerbread said...

ash - True story, no matter how tiny you are, not having back pockets make you looks disproportionately fat. The pockets balance out the backside.

stephanie - couldn't agree more

michael - you heard it here first

heather - good to hear about your laptop