Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July: A Month in Review

1. Strawberry Marshmallows - I seriously can't get enough of these, though I think the excessive intake of red dye #3 and red lake 40 is making me a tad loopy.

2. Black jeans, I'm on the bandwagon again, despite the dyed hands (and the fact that I don't really love them or anything, but I lost the receipt)

3. A stellar new watch, I'm learning to love you yet

4. I actually feel very productive on the new phone, though I'm addicted to Wheel of Fortune

5. I'm embracing my old love of live music

6. I feel like the summer is disappearing before my very eyes

7. I'm late for work because I was out really late last night drinking/am still drunk, ok?

8. Now, I'm late because I was watching Entourage and lost track of time

9. He's not a random guy, ok?

10. My neighbours are having some sort of karaoke party - sweet, except it's like 11 pm, and I need to go to bed soon.

11. I don't care how many ugly tie-dyed shirts you own, drinking Fiji water negates your hippie status

12. It's called a tip, jeez!

13. Aieeee! Harry Potter - well worth the wait. Now I just need to get around to seeing the movie...

14. It's not summer until you're woken up by the sounds of Grand Prix Racing (8 am on a Saturday, no less) - not really complaining though, it reminds me of summering in Quebec

15. I don't care how comfortable you think they are, you still look like shit. Fashion is pain, people.

16. Heat wave - I'm digging it

17. Should I or shouldn't I, I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm only interested out of spite

18. That night was the most fun I've had in ages.

19. I set things on fire then I just deny, deny, deny

20. My fantasy nerd collaboration: House of Holland x Harry Potter

21. Like Dasani, Aquafina is just tap water, assholes, so stop telling me it tastes better!

22. Seriously, WTF? Worst. Day. Ever.

23. ...and I'm so over-tired that I can't sleep

[I] Spit Hot Fire (Quotables)

"Seriously, who knew that Transformers were so adept at capoiera?"

"One days you're just going to [soil] your pants and I'm going to get this crazed phone call asking me to bring you a change of clothes, just you wait"

"I always have theories..."

"I can't tell if my throat is burning because I just exercised or because of the smoke inhalation."

"You're lying in the spot when I got gone down on!"
"Is than even a legit real phrase?"

"You're confused because that's how normal people behave when they like someone. Would you prefer that he ignored you and treated you like garbage?"
"Yeah probably"
"You should actually just ignore whatever your instincts are telling you and just do the opposite, because everything you do is wrong..."

"Why do you have that book? (motioning at my hand) It's for guys!"
"Dude, chill. I was bored and I'm just killing time. (abruptly) Besides, I'm an anthropologist, that's what we do, we study and read up on people."

"I'm only saying this because I'm so modest, but I look great in maroon. Like really good guys!"

"I think feel a little hurt, my fists are turning coal to diamonds..."


stephanie said...

Black jeans are back?

Entourage is the reason for the season. I know that everyone is supposed to like Adrian Grenier because he is super, super stereotypically HOT...and I am no exception.

team gingerbread said...

stephanie - I don`t know if black jeans are back per se, but I've started wearing them again, though I'm not fully on board. I still think the kinda reek of business casual.

And I'm an Ari fan myself, then Eli. I like assholes and nerds in that order. Vincent Chase's character drives me insane with all the stupid decisions he makes...