Thursday, May 31, 2007

May: A Month in Review

1. Definitely filed under things I only need to do once.

2. Denny's Country Fried Steak - I feel like my small intestine is staging a coup on the larger one

3. The Archaeologist is back

4. Noooo! Starbucks is discontinuing my beloved Pomegranate Juice Blend

5. Mother's Day has come and gone and for once, I didn't drop the ball - you're welcome mom

6. Spring is here - and as such the white shoes are out

7. I'm in obsessed with root beer

8. It's over - I don't really know what I'm mourning but I'm still sad

9. Jeans! I heart my new jeans and they were definitely worth a month's rent...

10. You work at Urban Outfitters so you can have the appearance of looking like an impoverished artist without having to actually do any of that messy art business

11. My Joel Tudor complete is here - eeee! (too bad it's been raining every day htat I've wanted to buy it...)

12. The iPod is in place to prevent things like this from occurring

13. I don't like new girls, that being said, welcome to the team

14. Metric - meh, but it was free (thank you guest list action). Seriously, you guys need better tour tees because they're always variations on the same theme

15. The Militant Feminist told off M while bumming a smoke off of The Pansy - comedic gold!

16. DJ Sets = Up way past my bedtime and approaching being passe

17. I had a dream I was being force-fed melons by the reps of one of my favourite clothing labels...strange to say the least.

18. I desperately need a new cell - boourns!

19. Um, you're fired, peace!

20. New jeans - Oh how I love thee (so much so that it needed to be mentioned twice)

21. Did he just kiss you? Uh, yeah - don't worry about that

22. Are we back here again, seriously? I don't even want to hear about it

23. I gave in and bought my longboard and we're very happy together

24. Unfortunately I decided to buy it on the one weekend that it was perpetually rainy

25. The Archaeologist has a crush on a girl, bwahah!

26. Turns out it's a lot easier to ascertain your actual need for new clothes when the ones you have aren't strewn haphazardly across the expanse of your apartment

27. I'm joining the PDA club - repetitive strain injury, here I come!

28. I think my goal for the summer is to catch as many shows as I can

29. Let's do shots! Ew, Jager!

30. Am I too old for naps, methinks not

31. I bought sweatpant capris and even though I'm ashamed, they've changed my life. They are however, strictly intended for home use.

32. When will this Godforsaken movie finish filming?

[I] Spit Hot Fire (Quotables)

"It's your favourite cd"
"Really? What cd is this?"
"One Love"
"Oh, is it? I thought it was Kanye West, they all sound the same..."

"You've been working out?"
"Uh, what, no"
"Your face is red..."
"That's blush..."

"I think my feet are bleeding, either that or they're just really sweaty..."
"That's lovely"
"Isn't it? I could go on forever"
"Please don't"

"You look really cute today, and I mean that in the least creepy way possible"

"Being able to burn customers would make this whole experience a lot more satisfying..."
"(laughing) Yeah. Wait, are we talking physically burn or verbally?"
"True, although I burned that one chick..."
"...but she was too stupid to realize you were burning her"

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