Monday, April 23, 2007

Slumming It

Ah, Sunday night drinking, it feels good to be back - that is after a mandatory manager's meeting across the city, what gives?!

Me and a couple of the girls decided to go out to an ultra-lame bar because one of the girls from one of the other shops was guest bartending. We assumed it would be dead because really now only a few places are busy on a Sunday and this bar isn't one of them and proceeded to get wasted.

One of the new girls at our store works at this bar too and she kept sending over drink after drink after drink and before you knew it it was well past 1:30 am, not bad for just showing up to be nice.

Now I'm fresh off 6 hours of sleep and noticing for the first time the rather thick layer of blush dusting the keyboard and trackpad of my less-than-pristine iBook...

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Charm School Reject said...

The glory days of being able to function while hungover after a few hours of sleep are priceless. I wish I could bottle that stamina and determination and sell it.