Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Customer Rant #9378

Just because you saw some Dateline NBC feature on the benefits of haggling doesn't mean it's ever acceptable to ask me if "this is the best deal you can get" on something that's already on sale.

Yes it is. You're not being thrifty, you're just a cheapskate - plain and simple.


shirley said...

omg! sick - don't people know they can't haggle in an actual store?

S* said...

Haggling is good for services to be provided.

Not good for stores.

I hate cheap. Cost conscious is fine if you're on a budge, but cheap is tacky.

team gingerbread said...

shirley - nope, apparently they didn't get the memo

s* - agreed. I mean if you don't like how expensive our shoes are, you're welcome to shop around or look online - but those are really the only options when shopping in-store. Asking for a price-match isn't totally out of the question - because you never know until you ask...